"Sergelsnäckor" painted December 2020 on Sergels torg, Stockholm

Photos by Adam Falk

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Tropical vibes in Obaren, Sturehof. Still there, hidden behind a pandemic

"Inspired by nature and colourful, Pernies artwork is made of spirals, pirouettes and endless lines which contribute to make her murals almost alive. 

Grace, energy and movements, watching Pernie paint is like watching a dancer, and I guess it's what's making her murals so vibrant.

Stockholm based Perniepaints is also working on command to create murals for private persons, companies and investors with a sustainable approach"

text by Natalie Blondin

You hear those gorgeous words!? 

must be true.

foto by Natalie Blondin

Perniepaints offers custom made paintings

to anyone or anything, on any (legal) place



Office, hotel, restaurant, event, private home, festival, parking lot,

you name it, Perniepaints it!

If you are interested in artwork, prices or doing a collaboration, send an email to 

so all your answers can be questioned!

Foto by Néha Hirve

work with pernie? email